The Nazi Life

Hello. My name is Jerry Crawford. I've heard your thinking about joining our wonderful gang, is that right?

Are you struggling to find a place where you belong? Do you also believe and understand the terror that the Jewish population has brought to our world?

Then you're in the right place.

We're located in Bethel, Ohio. We meet on the third Friday of every month. Please join us. We're always looking to expand our ranks.

Target Practice

halt! hier grenze sign leaning on wall

Rich History

Our recruitment process is excellent.

grayscale photo of concrete bridge

Terrific Location

The perfect vaction spot.

a close-up of a door handle


Rememberance of a better time.

About us

Welcome to Crawford Management, a leading recruiting agency based in Bethel, OH, USA. There is only one party, and that is the Nazi Party. We invite you to join.

As mentioned before, we meet every third Friday of the month. For privacy reasons, I don't want to give out the exact address. It's the trailer park on Colthar Road, though. You can't miss us. Be there at 8PM.

We also own Cap Collision Center in Amelia. Feel free to stop in and pay your membership dues.

Contact Us Now

We're eagerly awaiting your message.


10% membership fees if you join before the end of January!

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